Function File: generate_package_html ( name, outdir, options)

Generate HTML documentation for a package.

The function reads information about package name using the package system. This is then used to generate bunch of HTML files; one for each function in the package, and one overview page. The files are all placed in the directory outdir, which defaults to the current directory. The options structure is used to control the design of the web pages.

As an example, the following code generates the web pages for the image package, with a design suitable for the Octave-Forge project.

options = get_html_options ("octave-forge");
generate_package_html ("image", "image_html", options);

The resulting files will be available in the "image_html" directory. The overview page will be called "image_html/overview.html".

As a convenience, if options is a string, a structure will be generated by calling get_html_options. This means the above example can be reduced to the following.

generate_package_html ("image", "image_html", "octave-forge");

If you want to include prepared package documentation in html format, you have to set options.package_doc manually with the filename of its texinfo source, which must be in the package "doc" directory. Contained images are automatically copied if they are at the paths specified in the texinfo source relative to the package "doc" directory. Additional arguments can be passed to makeinfo using the optional field options.package_doc_options.

It should be noted that the function only works for installed packages.

See also: get_html_options.

Package: generate_html