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: eps
: eps (x)
: eps (n, m)
: eps (n, m, k, …)
: eps (…, class)

Return a scalar, matrix or N-dimensional array whose elements are all eps, the machine precision.

More precisely, eps is the relative spacing between any two adjacent numbers in the machine’s floating point system. This number is obviously system dependent. On machines that support IEEE floating point arithmetic, eps is approximately 2.2204e-16 for double precision and 1.1921e-07 for single precision.

When called with no arguments, return a scalar with the value eps (1.0).

Given a single argument x, return the distance between x and the next largest value.

When called with more than one argument the first two arguments are taken as the number of rows and columns and any further arguments specify additional matrix dimensions. The optional argument class specifies the return type and may be either "double" or "single".

See also: realmax, realmin, intmax, flintmax.

Package: octave