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Function File: czt (x)
Function File: czt (x, m)
Function File: czt (x, m, w)
Function File: czt (x, m, w, a)

Chirp z-transform. Compute the frequency response starting at a and stepping by w for m steps. a is a point in the complex plane, and w is the ratio between points in each step (i.e., radius increases exponentially, and angle increases linearly).

To evaluate the frequency response for the range f1 to f2 in a signal with sampling frequency Fs, use the following:

 m = 32;                               ## number of points desired
 w = exp(-j*2*pi*(f2-f1)/((m-1)*Fs));  ## freq. step of f2-f1/m
 a = exp(j*2*pi*f1/Fs);                ## starting at frequency f1
 y = czt(x, m, w, a);

If you don’t specify them, then the parameters default to a Fourier transform: m=length(x), w=exp(-j*2*pi/m), a=1

If x is a matrix, the transform will be performed column-by-column.

Package: signal